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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 12, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live, from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> i'm running for president. >> hillary clinton made it official today. she will run for president in 2016. the decision has triggered a huge response across the nation and here in the bay area. good evening, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. hillary clinton made the announcement in a two minute video. she doesn't appear until well into the second half, part of her strategy to make the campaign less about her, and more about the people she wants to represent. >> everyday americans need a champion. and i want to that champion. >> this announcement by video was the same way she announced
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her candidacy in 2007. many democrats are excited about another hillary clinton run. as you may remember she beat barack obama this the primary. back then $23 million, or 18% of contributions to her campaign came from californians. expect more visits from the former secretary as her bay area supporters will likely be holding funds raisers on her behalf. >> i love hillary. i believe in here. i trust in here. we know her. she's going to be an amazing leader for this country and stop the gridlock that's happening in washington. bay area republicans meanwhile are criticizing hillary clinton. the vice chairman of the california republican party is even questioning her decision to announce her candidacy via video. >> i think it makes her come off as unaproev proechible, cold canned, and i think that was one of her problems last time around. president obama was much more able to connect with voters oust gate. so i think she is making a
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mistake by taking the same approach this time. >> hillary clinton heads to iowa this week for a series of small events. her first big campaign rally will take place next month. clinton's bid for the presidency looks like an open road for now, with no other major democrats throwing their hats into the ring. that could change. a blockberg poll friday found 72% of democrats and independentr ints said it would be good for clinton to chaste face off. on the republican side senators ted cruz and rand paul have announced their candidacies. senator marco rubio is expected to announce tomorrow. wisconsin governor scott walker and florida governor jebb bush are both expected to run. here are more responses from california leaders. gavin newsome tweeted here we go. super excited about hillary clinton running for president. he also included a link to donate to her campaign. senator barbara boxer sent a series of supportive tweets.
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forearm hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina is considering a run for president on the gop side. she posted a video on facebook saying hillary clinton is a highly intelligent woman hard working. she has dedicated her life to public service. but unfortunate lie, she does not have a track record of accomplishment or transparchtsy. she's not the woman for the white house. a flood of tweets followed clinton's announcement more than 420,000 in just two and a half hours. this conversation map shows where people were tweeting the most. we'll have more about the race to the white house, 2016 on our twitter feed abc7 news bay area. let's take a live look outside right now. a hot weekend perfect forsythe seeing in the city. and there are more great sight seeing days ahead. tonight the weather may have a surprise for us. drew tomba has more with live doppler 7 hd.
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>> we are coming off of a wonderful weekend. both saturday and sunday temperatures well above normal. the waerm of the two days was definitely sunday. take a look at the sunset captured ads it went down at 7:43 this evening. not a cloud to be seen. a beautiful evening sky which is leading to mainly clear conditions at this hour. we'll take you to our highs today. it was warm in some spots 81 in antioch. 80 in concords. 73 in oakland. a warm 71 in san francisco. and san jose nearing the 80 degree mark. a cold front waiting in the wings is going to move in tomorrow and bring about changes to our weather pattern. we'll talk about what they are with the full accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> the search has been called off for a motorcyclist who went over the antioch bridge today. witnesses say he was speeding when he lost control, and fell into the water below at about 12:30 this afternoon.
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search crews in the water for hours couldn't fine him. they are going to continue the search tomorrow. an east bay man is dead after being 4id hit by another driver on the run from police. that driver epis now in custody. police satisfy i crashed his car in richmond at 24th street and gaynor avenue. cornell barnard spoke with the victim's family. >> reporter: it is air bags deployed, a painful reminder of a terrible crash. >> i heard the impact. it was like a cannon. >> she was two blocks away when she heard the crash which took the life of her cousin, 23-year-old anthony nguyen. >> he has a 3-year-old daughter. what can you say when someone has a child. >> reporter: police say nguyen was a passenger in this honda when it was struck by a speeding corvette being pursued by police for reckless driving. but authorities say the officer
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lost sight of the car. >> as other officers were converging on the area the pursuit was terminated at that point because he no longer had the vehicle in sight. >> it could have been prevented. >> reporter: but some claim the chase never ended. >> for them to say they stops the chase two blocks away if i have my brother-in-law standing at the gas station, and the corvette is going by and they are going after him. >> reporter: neighbors trying to help those trapped inside the honda, the driver and second passenger critically injured. >> i grabbed a knife and cut the seat belt. >> the driver of the corvette a 20-year-old, called the police after the crash to say his corvette was carjacked. that story turned out to be false. he was charged with dui and vehicular manslaughter. last night's deadly chase in richmond marks the second one this weekend in the bay area. san francisco police are still looking for three men who hit
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and killed a woman with a stolen car late friday night. officers chased the toyota because it was linked to a string of armed robberies. that car hit and killed the wham as she crossed california street. police later found the stolen car abandoned on treasure island. van necessary avenue in san francisco is open to local traffic after an all weekend closure. the construction manager on the california pacific medical center turn says work is ahead of schedule. the tunnel will connect a new hospital and medical offices. the road will reopen to threw traffic at midnight. there are two more full weekend closures planned. a sentimental day on the links in martinez as golfers played one final round on course that's closing. golfers cheered for one another on the putting green at pine meadow. the nine-hole course is a family business. owners blame the drought and other hardships for forcing them to sell. >> it was becoming a pretty unsustainable business that -- and particularly with the new
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mandate by the governor for the summer, there is absolutely no way we would have ever made it through a summer. last year was a struggle enough. >> you've got the schools, the junior high, the high schools play here. where are they going to go? >> a developer wants to build 99 homes along the course. but the plan needs approval from martinez voters. they will decide if the golf course should be rezoned from open space to residential. still ahead on abc7 news at 9:00, a new study suggests distracted driving is a more serious problem than previously thought. so why are distracted driving tickets down in california? plus, what's causing frontier airlines passenger satisfaction to nose dive. and
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police are writing fewer tickets for distracted driving. tickets are down 20%. studies suggest driving when using the phone is a bigger problem than first thought. distracted drivers are four times more likely to crash. that's the same as drunk drivers. our sources report police lack the resources needed to catch violators.
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they also blame traffic jams, people hiding their phones and the fine that they say is too low. customer complaints against frontier airlines are taking off. they are soared over the last four months with more than 120 in february alone. the airline recently became an ultralow cost carrier. passengers don't like the dozens of fees, including for carry on baggage. they also complain about long customer service lines delays and late flights. frontier is hiring more staff to help turn things around. the federal government could step up to protect the only freshwater turtle on the west coast. fish and wildlife biologists will conduct a one year study on the turtle. population is said to have declined 99% in some areas. biologists say it is important for rivers and streams because turtles help balance the ecosystems. they blame construction and agriculture for driving the turtle toward extinction. coming up on abc7 news at
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9:00 will we headed for the heat wave? drew tuma is up next with the forecast. the a's and giants both unable to protect leads in their series finales today. noplayers got to walk on the same
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field as their big league heros in oakland today. the oakland athletics hosted a legal little league today before the a's played the seattle mariners. they will host a second little league day including a parade around the field on may 17th. very exciting. a gorgeous day for it. >> beautiful. tomorrow will be beautiful as well in terms of the sky. lots of sunshine.
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>> but. >> it's going to feel cooler than it was today. that's going to last at least for monday into tuesday. we'll talk about why in just one second. live doppler 7 hd this evening is quiet with generally clear skies up above. outside right now, warm in antioch, 70 degrees. 62 in oakland. 64 in freedom. 61 in mountain view. and 55 is the current reading in movado. wind speed right now for today and much of the afternoon we had winds coming out of the west. that's why we were warm in the afternoon. but you notice at this hour the winds are shifting to the north and northwest. that's a cooler win. that's going to be the first step into the cooler temperatures coming for the next 48 hours. satellite and radar shows a cold front heading this way. ahead of it it's shifting our winds. cooler air around this front. also a chance for a sprinkle overnight into tuesday morning. 3:00 temperatures five to ten
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degrees cooler than today. increasing the clouds late monday eenk. by 11:00 turning to overcast skies. and it's sprig to sprinkle across the bay early tuesday morning. by 7:00 tuesday morning the entire system is out of here. what you will notice is coollear skies and cooler temperatures. winds will be gusting between 20 and 30 miles an hour tuesday afternoon. that will keep temperatures in the upper 50s and mid 60s across the bay area. in terms of our temperature profile n san jose, for example, the average high this time of the year, right around 70 degrees. you do notice tomorrow and tuesday will be slightly below. that but once that front is out of here temperatures really skyrocket. by thursday and friday temperatures are toasty n. the mid 80s. a similar story setting up for downtown san francisco. tomorrow it's cool, temperatures around 55 56 degrees for tuesday. then they warm up nicely and the heat peaks thursday with temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 around san francisco.
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overnight lows tonight. we'll see patchy fog developing in some of the inland valley locations. 58 for concord. 47 in san mateo. dropping to 45 in san jose. highs tomorrow cooler than today. lots of sunshine on the way with the wind out of the north. 65 in richmond. same in san francisco. up to 68 in oakland. 77 in antioch. san jose up to 71 degrees. the home opener tomorrow at at&t park featuring plenty of sunshine. first pitch 1:35 in the afternoon. a temperature right around 60 degrees. the uv index is going to be high. remember your hat, sun glasses and also the sunscreen. as the game wraps up temperatures cooling off into the upper 50s. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow we are turning cooler. we increase the clouds overnight with a chance of a sprinkle early tuesday morning. tuesday itself is breezy and sunny. then a rapid warm up mid week. by wednesday we are in the 80s in inland spots. thursday and friday it's near record warmth and feels like summer. that beach weather and sunshine
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continues for sunday is as well. over to collin now with sports. one young man is quite delighted. >> let's talk about jar done spieth. people are like who is this guy? he has been good a couple years now and has been ascending to this point. jordan spieth's domination of augusta national didn't come out of nowhere. he finished second last year. coming in, he had one other victory and five top ten finishes this year. his win today moves him to number two this the world rankings. he is no flash in the pan. it can be lonely at the top. sfeegt the last one on the practice range. justin rose, the englishman srveing notice that he had come to play. first hole birdies, spieth unphased, a birdie of his own. to obtain a four shot lead on rose. birdie two of the first three holes. spieth moved to 18 under, tying tiger woods for the lowest score
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in master's history. looks to be in trouble on this par 4. back spin almost goes in. this is why we like spieth so much, too. great kid. gives rose a thumbs up. spieth bogeys the hole. rose using the entire cup. went in like this right to left. move to 10. the kid, a putting genius all week, buries the birdie to get back to minus 18. six clear of rose. tiger woods, five bogeys, did drop the eagle putt on 13. one over 73. finishes five under. most people didn't think he would make the cut. phil michelson started the day five back. chipping out of bunker and in for eagle to get to 14 under. he finishes at 14 under. spieth never let his foot off the gas. birdie on 15 to become the first in master's history to get to 19 under par. a tapn bogey on 18.
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he goes wire the wire. first time since ramon floyd did it in 1976. major dan spegt obtaining the fis of what is sure to be many green jackets. >> this is as great as it gets in our sport. this is a dream come true to me. to be able to shoot low rounds and get putts to go in and hear the roars it was wonderful. >> we were on perfect game watch through four innings, no-hitter watch or five innings. what happened from then on for jesse haughn she would rather forget. check out the kid in the top left. lose that keep the water bottle and snag the ball. josh redding, a rbi and a bad play in the field. cost the a's two runs. game was tied at 3-3 in the seventh. winks, pinch-hitting. time for the a's to rally in the ninth. they do. sewing ar brings in cana.
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tied at 7-7. for is second straight game a's and m's go to extras, and for the second straight game, m's get the win. a's first losing streak of the year two in a row. a's start a ten-game road trip tomorrow in houston. >> i don't think it's going to bother them. certainly it's tough and you have to let it go. but in baseball you are going to have a few of these over the course of the season. >> we have a team that's going to fight to the ends. you have got to love it. especially when it comes down to the end of the year. that's all you can expect from your team. >> how about the giants? get well hunter pence sign. maxwell manning right. bottom of the third in san diego. so larte robbed. 6'5" maxwell bringing it back. keeping it yard for peavy. nothing is keeping this peavy in the yard. nevus, first career grand slam. peavy would take the loss.
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6-4 the final. two run shot in the top of the fifth. third homer of the series. on his way around the bases stares down the bears pitcher. the catcher doesn't take kindly to that. you want some? stanford the winner 12-6 they take two out of three in the series. reminder, giants home opener tomorrow rookie chris heson gets the start after the team raises its third world series championship flag in five years. it's always fun. and it seems to be every -- well. >> every two years. >> same deal. we like it. >> never gets old. >> never gets old. next on abc7 news at 9:00
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coming up tonight at 11:00 a scare for tourists after a shooting at fisherman's wharf. plus the reunion between a
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man who nearly died and the man who saved his life. the simple app created in the east bay that brought them together. those stories tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. the latest fast and furious movie was back in the driver's seat at the box office this weekend. furious 7 had the ninth largest box office opening in history last week topping $140 million. this weekend the movie earned more than $60 million. and it has already earned $800 million worldwide in just two weeks thanks to its popularity in china, brazil and other igs nas. deem works' home came in second with $19 million. rodeo romance, the longest ride debuted in third with $13 million. get hard and cinderella round out the top five. a lot of variety. there, something for everyone. thanks for watching, everyone, that's it for abc7 news at 9:00. our next newscast is at 11:00 on
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abc7. we'll see you then. announcer: warning. please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could cause serious injury. i call back seat or hood. maybe i'll just walk. what went down. today on "what went down," we're heading deep into the woods down the highest mountains to the bottom of the ocean
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